Our team of Crisis Counselors exists to help texters move through crisis moments. While our crisis counselors are best-in-class, their training is in crisis response and not ongoing support. However, we know sometimes those tough moments can become tough weeks, or months.We care about you, a lot. We know that you are thoughtful, self-aware and committed to helping yourself move through the tough times you experience in your life.

There a lot to think about when searching for the best support out there for you. We suggest you consider:

Group: Do you want something specialized for your age/demographic?

Some services focus on the needs of a set group.

Examples include:

Type of Service: Is there a certain type of service that feels more beneficial to you?

There are several types of service out there – here is some info on some of them.

Examples include:

Need Category: What is it that you are feeling?

Examples include:

Cost: Do you want to or are you willing to spend money?

Examples include:

Location: Where/how do want to interact with this service?

Location based examples include:

Great! Now that you have thought about all of the questions above we hope that you have a better sense of what your best fit might look like.

Searching using Google:

You can use all of the items you have identified above to search google for resources that might meet your needs.


OPTION: Google Search bar integrated into page

Example search using our format… (will be auto populated with that CCs needs/request from above section)
“Free teen therapy for depression New York”

Searching using 211:

211 might have been shared with you in the past. We stand by it as one of the best ways to search for services.

Visit –

Other Resources

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Human Trafficking

Child Abuse


Eating Disorders

Cutting/Self Injury

Support for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Youth

Reproductive Health