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Introducing: School Toolkit


Back-to-school season is almost here. Students of all ages are all too familiar with the combination of emotions that this time of year brings. Amidst the dread of early mornings, homework, and that teacher who you heard was especially tough, there can often be very real crisis.

We know that school can be at the center of many texters’ crises: that’s a big part of why we have 20% more conversations when school is in session. In fact, school is the single location mentioned most often by texters: even more than home. There’s also a shift in the types of issues we see during the school year vs. the summer and winter breaks: stress and anxiety are higher, family issues are lower.

It’s with all that in mind that we’re launching the School Toolkit: a starter pack for marketing Crisis Text Line in schools. The most exciting thing about the toolkit is that it’s a living document: it’ll grow and improve over time as we learn more about how it’s being used. Users who download the kit will receive new materials as they become available. They’ll also be sharing their own submissions and creative ways they’ve used the toolkit.

Whether you're a student, educator, parent, staff member, or involved with a school in any other way, we're so excited for you to download the toolkit and support us in bringing Crisis Text Line to every school in the country!