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May 2018 Newsletter


I. Data Bytes

  • Mother’s Day.

    • 4.1% of volunteer applicants mention their moms or motherhood when asked, “What prompted you to apply to become a Crisis Counselor?”

    • Visitors to often notice that “mom” shows up in almost every word cloud as a most-used word.

      • 37% of the time, the mom is a source of strength for the texter, or someone who they trust to listen and support them.

      • We typically see a 25% increase in conversations about moms on Mother’s Day.

      • The top words used by texters in conversations about moms are: 1) dad 2) yell 3) foster 4) custody 5) grandparent 6) stepdad 7) graduation 8) adopted 9) molested 10) cps

II. Org News

  • GDPR Compliance. Your inbox is probably full of emails about new Terms of Service on every website you’ve ever signed up for. That’s because new data protection laws went into effect in the European Union on Friday. We’re ready to meet the new requirements, and have a new Terms of Service/Privacy Policy for texters. (You can read those here.) We’ve also updated the Crisis Counselor Code of Conduct to reaffirm our commitment to protecting texter privacy.

  • UK Launch. We launched our service in the UK last week! We’re considering it our late wedding gift to Harry and Meghan.

    • Partners across the pond. We’ve partnered with an amazing new London-based org called Mental Health Innovations. We’re rolling out our service across the UK in stages as we build capacity, so we won’t be doing any major press yet. We’ll make a bigger announcement once we have more volunteers. If you know any Brits who would make great CCs, please send them to to apply!

      • Short code. 741741 is the short code for the US only. Short codes in the UK are 5 digits and we’ll be announcing ours after we build some more capacity.

  • 5th Birthday. Crisis Text Line is turning 5 on August 1, and we have big plans! Look out for announcements of in-person and virtual events that day. If you know someone who should help us celebrate, let us know!

III. Texter Feedback

“It was helpful talking to someone and being able to calm down a bit... Even if I can't solve everything right now I can calm down and get some sleep tonight.”

  • Takeaway for our Crisis Counselors: We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to “solve everything” - texters don’t expect or need us to fix everything in their lives. Your validation and strength IDs are enough.

Thank you for everything. I've never used a hotline before and I was nervous.”

  • Takeaway: 36% of texters are asking for help for the very first time. Your amazing rapport-building skills convince them to keep seeking help from others when they need it.

    “You really helped me see that I had a good solution all along.”
    • Takeaway: Let them lead the way! This way, you are helping texters develop a self-care muscle they can flex when they need it.

IV. Blog Highlights