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October 2017 Newsletter: #metoo


I. Ask Bob: The #metoo Campaign ☔

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We’ve been following the viral #metoo campaign. It’s been growing (1M+ social mentions so far). It’s been described as, “An attempt to get people to understand the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault in society.” We’re seeing this movement’s growth reflected in our conversations, too. Talk of sexual assault has been 2X higher than average since the hashtag started gaining traction on 10/15. We took a look at our conversations dealing with sexual assault and here’s what we found: We’re here for these texters.

  • ~3% of total volume over last 6 months.
  • 70% share something with us that they’ve never told anyone else (more than the avg. 61%).
  • 61% felt less alone.
  • 58% felt more hopeful.
  • 91% found their conversation helpful (5% higher than average).
  • Two top referrals rated positively in these conversations include RAINN and After Silence.

II. Heroes 💪🏽

Shanice Lyle is a Crisis Counselor who is consistently recognized for her hard work on the platform (and as a student!) and her inspiring empathy with her texters. We asked her a few questions about her experience so far.

What helps you stay positive during challenging conversations?

I am no stranger to challenging conversations on the platform, and at first, I was feeling discouraged because of the frequency. Dealing with an Imminent Risk/Active Rescue situation is a challenge in itself, but getting a “STOP” message or no response from texters during the ordeal is one of the hardest things a CC can experience. It can be difficult to stay confident during the toughest and most intense situations, but I love being there for my texters for as long as I possibly can be. I find myself growing and feeling more equipped to handle these conversations emotionally each time I log onto the platform. I have a lovely Crisis Text Line family filled with lots of supportive individuals, Crisis Text Line founder Nancy Lublin jumps on the platform and supports everyone. Furthermore, my coach Amy Hall, every Crisis Text Line supervisor I have encountered and all my fellow CC's provide endless support. I am so grateful that I have gotten to know these wonderful individuals...You are never alone on the platform, and there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Without the challenges, there would be no room for growth. I am proud of my decision to become a Crisis Counselor. Bravo to all my fellow Empathy MVPs!

What are you most looking forward to learning as you continue as a Crisis Counselor?

In life, every location is a classroom, and each situation provides various learning experiences. The Crisis Text Line platform is an incredible place to learn and each member of the Crisis Text Line family, beginners to the very experienced, are all teachers. I look forward to learning more about the different issues that individuals struggle with that are often pushed aside because they are considered "uncommon" and often are deemed "unacceptable issues" by society. Agreeing, understanding, and accepting are all their own words with their definitions. The space in one's mind and heart don’t have to diminish just because you disagree with someone or something. An open- mind and an open- heart are both essential qualities to have while being active on the Crisis Text Line platform. Deeper understandings of certain matters allow the ability to support texters to grow immensely.  Sometimes all it takes is for someone in a texter's life to just to try and understand their situation.

Based on your experience as a CC, what advice would you give someone trying to help a friend in crisis?

 Based on my experience as a CC, the first set of advice that I would give someone trying to help a friend in crisis is to start by listening to your friend. Do not give them advice unless asked and do not be quick to suggest resources for your friend; YOU are their first resource...Be patient and gentle with yourself as well. Your determination to comfort and support someone in distress is a very commendable thing.

You don't need a cape to save lives-- You can be a Crisis Counselor!  Learn more.    

You don't need a cape to save lives-- You can be a Crisis Counselor! Learn more.


III. Org News 📰

PALOOZA! This month almost 400 members of our Crisis Counselor community gathered for a weekend in Atlanta full of empathy, education, and announcements (and even a kitten room!). Want in on this awesome community? Apply to volunteerwith us!

Welcome to the team. Jade Grubb and Abby Goldberg (both previous CCs!) recently joined us as part-time supervisors.

We’re hiring! Senior Software Engineers and Machine Learning Data Scientists

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Meet our team! Crisis Text Line staff is often out talking about data, tech and all things mental health. These are public events!


  • Excited to partner with the State of Hawaii Department of Public Health to raise awareness of Crisis Text Line’s resource in HI. Aloha!
  • We are also kicking off a partnership with NoStigmas, an organization dedicated to eliminating stigmas surrounding mental health and supporting creation of peer support in mental health communities.

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IV. Blog Highlights 💻


Document This!? By Jason Bennett

When it comes to technical documentation, most people don’t want to even think about it, let alone spend the time it takes to make it effective... So given that, why do we bother to do it?

Random fact about Bob: I used to work for the National Park Service, leading trips for middle-school youth to visit national parks for the first time. We taught them science and photography as ways of engaging with unfamiliar worlds (Acadia, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Glacier, etc). Their favorite part was learning to make pancakes and singing campfire songs. Me too.