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The Cool Calm is the Crisis Text Line blog. Insights, data, stories, and other looks at our work in crisis intervention and technology.

Welcome to 'The Cool Calm'


Having exchanged an incredible 43 million messages with people in crisis, it’s safe to say that we’ve learned a lot - about mental health, technology, and the intersection between the two. And we’ve learned it all in less than 4 years! While we’ve shared what we’ve learned in a variety of ways, we haven’t had a central hub from which to share our best stories. Until now!

Why The Cool Calm? 

At Crisis Text Line, we’ve always said that the goal of a conversation is to bring texters from a “hot moment to a cool calm” - to take them from a place of painful emotions to a place where they feel safe and able to move forward. The phrase “from a hot moment to a cool calm” has become a vital part of our identity. Naming this blog The Cool Calm represents its position as a place for safe expression.

"The Crisis Text Line Method: From a hot moment to a cool calm."

"The Crisis Text Line Method: From a hot moment to a cool calm."

Ground Rules

To make sure The Cool Calm lives up to its name, we’ve set a few ground rules for ourselves:

  1. Texter privacy comes first, always.

  2. We take a hopeful, constructive, and solution-oriented approach to the issues we discuss.

  3. This blog is not a resource for counseling. And just like our Crisis Counselors, we don’t give direct advice here.

Naming this blog ‘The Cool Calm’ represents its position as a place for safe expression.

The Categories 

The Cool Calm is divided into four categories. Here’s what to expect from each of them:

  •  News & Announcements: This is where we’re posting big and exciting developments that we want to shout from the rooftops to our whole community. Like, for example, the fact that we’re launching a blog!
  • Our Stories: Crisis Counselors, Staff, friends of the organization, and anyone else with a connection to the work we do will be sharing their personal stories here.

  • Insights: What have we learned? Staff will be writing about topics as varied as self-care, customer service, and the product process here, all drawing from the work we do at Crisis Text Line.

  • Tech & Data: Finally, this section is for learnings from our data and technology, which we hope can contribute to the mental health space and beyond. 

(The Whole Website Is New, btw)

You’ve probably noticed by now that the launch of The Cool Calm is coinciding with a completely redesigned and rewritten website! We’re thrilled to be unveiling a site that is more informative, better reflects our brand, and better equips our community to spread the word about the service!

 Check out some our favorite new and redesigned pages:

Happy reading!


Jared Wolf

Jared Wolf is the Media Manager at Crisis Text Line, where he was previously a Crisis Counselor Trainer. His hobbies include stand-up comedy and playing the piano.