Crisis Text Line

Emergency Services


Emergency Services

Our goal is to support our texters in moving from a hot moment to a cool calm. We work with on the ground emergency service providers to promote the safety of our texters.  From 911 call takers at Public Safety Answering Points to police departments and EMS - collaboration is key.


Texter Privacy

Our texter’s privacy is of paramount importance to us (read: we take it seriously!). We may disclose information to emergency services when a texter is at imminent risk and unable or willing to safety plan. And, we only disclose pertinent information in order to achieve safety. See our Terms of Service.


911 Call Takers

Consider us a friend in safety. We’re grateful for the work you do day (and night) after day. When we call you, we'll identify ourselves as calling from Crisis Text Line and collaborate with you to ensure a texter’s safety. Download the toolkit below to learn more.


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