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People love to talk about us. So, we've compiled best practices for telling the world about our work.



Want to tell the world about us? Awesome! We've compiled some best practices and materials for telling others about Crisis Text Line, whether it be in person or online. 

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How You can talk about us

(See also: External Communications Guide)

  • Be clear about our purpose: we’re not a service for ongoing care, or a replacement for therapy, friends, or other necessary supports in your life.
  • FAQs: there are some questions that show up in the comments of every post about us: Is this free? Does it work in my country? What if I don’t have a phone? etc. Link our FAQ to your post to help people find the answers to these questions.
  • Be careful with screenshots: If you've texted Crisis Text Line and had a good experience, screenshots from your phone of the conversation are great for demonstrating to others how using us might go. However, screenshots of “testing the system” or “Are you real?” conversations can encourage others to do the same, which can result in a build-up in our queue.
  • “Save this number": people seeing your post may not be in crisis at the exact moment that it crosses their feed. Instead of encouraging them to text in now, ask them to save the number for future use. We all experience crises in our lives, and there’s great peace of mind to knowing that someone will be a text away when you need them.

How We talk about ourselves