Support Texters in Spanish as a Crisis Counselor

Words hold power. They can unite, inspire, comfort, and heal. As a volunteer Crisis Counselor, you can use your words to support people in their moments of pain. 

We’re launching the first crisis-response service of its kind in the United States, providing free, 24/7 support for Spanish speakers. And, you can be part of it all. Join us to launch this service as a bilingual volunteer Crisis Counselor and support Spanish-speaking texters all across the country.

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The Application

Apply to become a bilingual volunteer Crisis Counselor here. After your application has been accepted, you’ll take a quick language assessment to make sure you’re ready to support texters in Spanish. Already a Crisis Counselor? No need to reapply! Fill out this form to sign up to take the language assessment. Read more about the application and training in the FAQ before.

The Platform

As a bilingual volunteer Crisis Counselor, we’ll use our triage algorithm to prioritize your time supporting Spanish-speaking texters. You’re more than welcome to support English speaking texters, too! Our clinical team includes many bilingual supervisors ready to help you navigate conversations with texters and jump in when you need an extra hand.

The Texters

Currently, we support about 4,000 people in crisis daily in English. Research shows that language is a primary barrier preventing Spanish speakers in the US from accessing mental health services. We’re excited to launch our service with your support in order to increase access to mental health services for the Latine community.

Ana Reyes (elle/they/them) – Crisis Text Line Staff, Clinical Team

Estoy muy emocionade de tener la oportunidad de apoyar a nuestra comunidad latina e hispanohablante.


Victor Ramirez (él/he/him) – Crisis Text Line Staff,  Volunteer Experience Team
Estoy muy contento de que Crisis Text Line ofrecerá un servicio sumamente necesario a las comunidades hispanohablantes de los Estados Unidos. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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¿Te encuentras en crisis?

Envía un mensaje de texto con la palabra AYUDA al 741741 para comunicarte de manera gratuita con un Consejero de Crisis

Apoyo gratuito las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana, al alcance de tu mano.

Información de nuestros datos, noticias y más, directamente a tu bandeja de entrada.