Honoring and Celebrating Trans Day of Visibility

Today we recognize and celebrate Trans Day of Visibility—a time to acknowledge transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people worldwide, and honor their successes and contributions to society. 

At Crisis Text Line, visibility means seeing people for who they are so they can show up in the world each day whole. Visibility means centering our collective humanity. Crisis Counselors at Crisis Text Line are extra-equipped to see, validate, and hold space for all people—that’s what you do every day on the platform. 

While visibility is important, today may also feel bittersweet. Although increased visibility helps create social and cultural change, trans people (especially young and BIPOC trans people) continue to be the targets of violence and legal attacks that prevent us from showing up in the world every day as their whole selves.  

Today is a celebration, but it’s also an opportunity to commit to the work to ensure that all transgender people feel safe, cherished, and seen: 

  • Educate yourself. Learn more about Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV) and how you can support texters. Trans texters are 68% more likely to be flagged as high-risk, with top issues tagged as gender identity, school, and self-harm. Using your active listening and empathy skills, you can help trans people feel seen and heard. 
  • Be an ally. Support the trans people in your life by deepening your understanding of what it looks like to be a great ally
  • Read up. There are a number of US laws that are harming trans youth; take today to learn what’s happening and how you can be involved. 
  • Talk to us. If you have a story you want to share with us about TDOV, reach out here. We’d love to hear from you. 

To all our trans, non-binary, and gender non-confirming volunteer Crisis Counselors, staff, and texters—we see you. Crisis Text Line sees you. You are beautiful exactly as you are. You are the proof: nothing and no one can erase you. 


In solidarity, 

Team Crisis Text Line

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