We work every day to help people in crisis. Usually, that’s helping texters move from their hot moment to cool and calm. Sometimes, it’s publishing whitepapers. And, often it’s sending some love to Empathy MVPs, our volunteer Crisis Counselors. Here are some of our favorite moments.

Our Biggest Accomplishments

  • We are the nation’s largest text-based crisis intervention service in the U.S., with over 65,000 trained volunteer Crisis Counselors. Since our launch in 2013, we have supported over 8 million conversations in the United States and 10 million globally with our affiliates in Canada, the UK and Ireland.
  • We are the first online-only emotional support (OES) service to receive accreditation from the American Association of Suicidology (AAS), validating the quality of our service and alignment with nationally recognized standards.
  • Humblebrag, but we recently received an award from the Skoll Foundation for our innovations in the mental health and technology space.
  • The issues they share with our Crisis Counselors are often deeply personal and urgent—68% of our texters share something with us that they have never shared with anyone else.
  • We’re HIPAA Compliant!
  • We were obsessed with protecting people’s data before it was even a thing. The Electronic Privacy Information Center called us “a model steward of personal data” in 2018.
  • We love looking at the numbers. In 2019, we worked with researchers from Appalachian State and N.C. State to study how the media could more safely and responsibly cover suicide-themed content. The outcome? A new best-practice: Media outlets should pair suicide-themed content with crisis support services.
  • We are working with researchers at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on a project which will provide insights to the Department of Veterans Affairs concerning predicting and detecting suicidal ideation in veterans and military families.
  • We are trusted by private, public, and governmental institutions. Crisis Text Line has dozens of collaborative partnerships with state and local government entities around the country which have vetted our service and promote it to their residents, in addition to many more corporate, nonprofit, location-based, and school partners that promote our service.
  • In 2019, we were recognized as an emergency response preparedness organization by the Department of Homeland Security following vetting by the Department of Health & Human Services and the Department of Homeland Security.
  • The Veterans Crisis Line recognized that Crisis Text Line has “important outcomes for non-federally supported nationwide care.”
  • We keep pace with the biggest tech companies out there. We were proud to receive a Google AI grant for our innovative contributions in the mental health and technology space.
  • We love to collab. The org is a member of the National Hotline Consortium, a group that helps model and innovate best practices in the hotline space around the world.
  • We are a member of the National Emergency Number Association Suicide Prevention Working Group, a collaborative group which is updating the existing 9-1-1 Suicide Prevention Standard to publish a new Suicide/Crisis Line Interoperability Standard, to help inform and guide law enforcement agencies nationwide regarding how crisis lines work and how to best work with them to save lives of people at imminent risk of suicide.

What People Are Saying

Texters, Crisis Counselors, and community members have a lot to say about us… and it gives us all the feels!

It was enough to change my mind from ending my life. I found out yesterday that I’m almost 5 months pregnant. I literally had no idea. So thank you, you have saved two lives.


Last night she took 30 pills and someone in your organization decided to call an intervention rather than believe her that she was going to be ok. 911 showed up at our house and we’ve been at the hospital getting her the lifesaving care she needs. Thank you for being my child’s ear when she couldn’t trust anyone else with her darkness. Sincerely an incredibly grateful Mom


[Crisis Counseling] has made me feel more alive and more human.

Crisis Counselor

I don’t think I would have made it through tonight without you.


As I was standing on the ledge, I was texting you guys and you alerted 911… Without you guys, I wouldn’t be here to write this. The text line is truly a life saver


[There are] only two organizations that I have been in that I can say have my back – the Marines during operations and the Crisis Text Line.

Crisis Counselor

The hours I spend helping people in need are the best thing I do every week.

Crisis Counselor

When my officers got to her apartment, they found her and she had attempted to take her life. We were able to get her medical attention and she was taken to the hospital. You helped save her life.

Law Enforcement

AFSP’s partnership with Crisis Text Line has enabled us to connect thousands of people in emotional distress with fast, free, and confidential crisis counseling via text. The Crisis Text Line is providing an invaluable service, and its low wait times, texting capabilities, and real-time data is revolutionizing crisis services in our nation. We are proud to work together to save lives.

Robert Gebbia, Chief Executive Officer – American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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