Our goal is to help texters move from hot moments to a cool calm. Sometimes, that means we give our texters a resource – like a breathing GIF to help them slow down or a link to finding a support group near them.


While Crisis Text Line uses reasonable efforts to vet resources listed below according to established criteria (including but not limited to nondiscrimination based on protected classes or immutable characteristics), listing such resources does not indicate or imply endorsement of the third-party provider or its services by Crisis Text Line. Crisis Text Line is not responsible for the content of or service provided by any of these resources.

Criteria for Resources

It’s important to us that we send our texters the best resource. We aim to provide resources that are accessible, inclusive, and free or affordable. So, a team of dedicated staff and Crisis Counselors put a lot of time, energy, and love into defining quality. Hard to appreciate what you can’t measure, right?

Crisis Text Line offers resources that:

  • Free, low cost, or sliding scale.
  • Be a non-profit/501c3 organization or, in limited circumstances, a public benefit organization. For legal reasons, we are generally unable to provide resources to texters that are for-profit businesses. Public benefit corporations that offer public resources or directories and don’t encourage Crisis Text Line’s texters to buy their goods or services (such as FindHelp, previously Aunt Bertha) may be considered, subject to legal and compliance obligations.
  • Federal government (.gov) resources are acceptable and considered a reputable source, meet the “available nationally” requirement, and typically would not be asking texters to purchase goods or services. However, state government information varies from state-to-state and these may not meet the criteria. 
  • No independent blogs, social media accounts (including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook groups, etc.), or private practitioners. If a texter is looking for a therapist or private mental health practice, we’d continue to share a resource directory.
  • The resource is nondiscriminatory (age, gender, religion, sexuality, political affiliation, etc.) and is not potentially harmful to texters (for example, an anti-choice organization discouraging birth control or abortion). Does not use harmful language around texter concerns. 
  • Specialized information that is highly beneficial to a texter in crisis
  • Factual. We look for resources that cite reputable* sources for information it provides. 
  • No repeats. A new resource cannot duplicate an existing resource or content that’s already on the Crisis Text Line platform. 
  • Compatible. Any phone app must work on both iOS and Android. Websites should have mobile formatting, too. 
  • A new resource should reflect issues seen often on the platform. 
  • We serve people around the country and around the clock. Our resources should do the same.
  • Is not affiliated with organizations that Crisis Text Line does not align with.

* The source is considered reputable if it’s from:

  • a 501c3 organization or municipal, state, or federal agency that provides social, educational, or health and human services; or
  • is a public benefit corporation and/or a health and human services organization that is not eligible for 501c3 status but meets all state licensing requirements, such as hospitals, health clinics, chemical dependency treatment programs that offer services at no cost, or community counseling agencies that offer services at no cost.

Below is a list of our US-based resources. Please see this list for support internationally.

Resources for Abuse

Resources for Anxiety and Stress

Resources for Bullying and Harassment

Resources for COVID-19

Resources for Depression and Sadness

Resources for Eating and Body Image

Resources for Gender and Sexuality

Resources for Grief

Resources Internationally

Resources for Isolation and Loneliness

Resources for Relationships

Resources for Self-Harm

Resources for Substance Use

Resources for Suicide


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