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Parent/Educator Toolkit

Going back to school after a long summer can be exciting for students, however, the new school year can come with new challenges resulting in stress and anxiety. As a caring parent or teacher, it can be difficult to know how to support your children or students. Below are tools and specific resources to help you manage your own stress while supporting your kids/students as they prepare to go back to school.

Back-to-School Checklist

The start of the school year can be a busy time not only for students but also for parents and teachers. We get it! Here is a downloadable Back-to-School Checklist to keep you on track as you help support your children or students during this time of year.

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Signs of Stress and Anxiety in Youth

It’s not always easy to tell if your children or students are simply having a bad day or are instead experiencing signs of stress and anxiety due to the pressure or uncertainty of going back to school. Learn how to identify these signs and remember that it’s always important to keep open communication with your child or student.

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Student Toolkit

We know that transitioning from summer to going back to school is often difficult and stressful for some students. Our goal is to help them cope. This toolkit includes several resources and tips on how to manage their stress as they prepare to go back to school. Share this toolkit with your children or students to help make this adjustment easier. 

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School Posters

Keep helpful resources easily accessible to your children and students at all times. Print and hang these posters around your school!

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How to Help Others –
Quick Guide

Both students and teachers may experience mixed emotions about returning to school. Here’s a quick guide to help you assist others.

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Check out  our online store and grab yourself or the students in your life some cool items as a reminder to prioritize your mental health today and everyday.

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Check out our latest collection of GIPHYs. Share these with your children, show them to your students, or use them yourself! A fun and special mental health reminder.


You’re Not Alone!

As parents and teachers, we may go through a variety of emotions as we prepare for the back to school season. Let’s hear directly from this parent (also our CEO) and teacher offering tips and strategies on how they manage their own stress and anxiety while supporting their children and students along the way. Watch the videos below, and feel free to share with other parents or colleagues.

Helpful Resources

Incorporate these grounding techniques in your daily routine or share them with your children or students. Pro tip: These could also be practiced as a group activity. A perfect bonding opportunity while letting go of stress and anxiety. A win win for all!

Take a moment to breathe

Taking a few moments to focus on your breathing when you’re feeling a ping of anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed can help you refocus. Counting helps when trying to find your breath. You can use this video as a starting point.

Connect with your senses

Focusing on your senses (what you can see, hear, feel, smell, etc) will help you stay present and practice self-awareness. Use this video to walk you through the exercise.

It’s okay if you don’t have access to all five senses. Feel free to use whatever senses work best for you to find a cool calm.

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