Get Out the Number

This November, we’re organizing a series of livestreams with influencers across different interests and communities. We’re talking everything from esports to beauty. The goal is simple: rally communities to spread the word about Crisis Text Line so that more people can get help at their fingertips over the holiday season. We’ll canvas the country with our safety net, and raise over $250,000 for an important cause.

Mental health impacts so many of us, either directly or indirectly, and influencers are eager to help break the stigma. We know this could be game-changing for people in crisis. In past livestreams, we’ve seen thousands of people muster up the courage to reach out for help, spread the word about 741741, and donate to support mental health. Fans were incredibly appreciative of influencers using their platforms to bring awareness to 741741. 

We’re thrilled for this year’s line-up of amazing mental health advocates including, Eugenia Cooney, Angel Merino, Matthew Santoro, LaurenzSide, and Strawburry17. They’ll be doing what they do best, and encouraging viewers to tell everyone they love: if you’re in crisis, text SHARE to 741741.

Here’s the coolest part of Get Out The Number: you don’t need to have millions of followers to start your own livestream fundraiser. Anyone can get started by visiting this page to learn more. Whether you raise $10 or $10,000, it all goes directly towards helping texters in crisis and saving lives.

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