To Our Amazing Employees, We Appreciate You!

At Crisis Text Line, we continuously strive to build a culture of appreciation where our employees feel safe to be themselves and bring their best effort every day. Thank you to all our employees who have chosen to commit their time, energy and passion to build a world where nobody feels alone.

Richie Peréz, Lead Technical Recruiter – Connect with Empathy

Amneris Morales, Bilingual Success Manager, Volunteer Experience – Center Equity

Barb Chase, Quality Improvement Clinical Coordinator, – Get it Done Together

Eric Allen, Senior Site  Reliability Engineer – Reflect and Evolve

A special message to Richie Peréz from his supervisor Jessellin Singh:

Every day, Richie Connects with Empathy by showing up authentically every single day, bringing his enthusiasm and warmth to every interaction. His positive personality is infectious as he lights up every conversation he joins.  Richie is truly invested in and cares about the well being of everyone around him, adding a personal touch to every situation he encounters. He seeks to understand by taking the time and effort needed to ask meaningful and thoughtful questions and invests in dialogue by actively listening. Richie is the type of person who will remember a special date or event, the type of person who is a listening ear when you need one, the type of person who always has a funny joke, the person who is always smiling and the person who you can always count on. I am so grateful to have Richie on my team and to witness the immense kindness that he spreads throughout the organization on a daily basis.”  

–Jessellin Singh, Senior Manager, Recruiting


A special message to Amneris Morales from her supervisor Rachel Kopelan:

“Amneris is a true champion for our value of Centering Equity. She has been integral to the success of our Spanish language service and has contributed in many ways to advancing this service. Whether it’s offering diverse ideas and opinions on how a new process should be created or working with our volunteers to collect their experiences on our platform, Amneris has gone above and beyond in ensuring our Spanish language service is a true success. Amneris has brought us together, created spaces for belonging and always keeps equity top of mind. She cares passionately about her team and is always voicing their ideas from a management perspective. I am so proud to work with her each and every day. Congratulations Amneris!”

–Rachel Kopelan, Success Senior Director, Volunteer Experience

A special message to Barb Chase from her supervisor Esmeralda Amaya-Ordoñez

“Barb truly deserves this award. She has collaborated with various teams throughout our organization and has always done so very respectfully. She constantly shows patience and grace especially during challenging collaborations. Barb has diligently led initiatives while being considerate of her colleague’s time and workload. She truly embodies the Get it Done Together value every day.” 

–Esmeralda Amaya-Ordoñez, Quality Improvement Program Manager 


A special message to Eric Allen from their supervisor Matt Davis:

“Eric is a wonderful example of the virtues we associate with our Reflect and Revolve value: seeking innovative and creative solutions, expanding the boundaries of what is possible, and learning and growing individually and collectively. Eric consistently set their sights not just on how to accomplish a given task, but how to make systemic improvements to the entire process.  They engage with their team and with stakeholders with a positivity that has been described as “a real treat” that “makes life at Crisis Text Line so much better” — and drives bravely forward into unfamiliar territory and technology to improve the quality of life for folks across the organization. Eric genuinely approaches each new problem as an opportunity for collaborative learning, growth, and solutions that have profound and lasting impact. They have taken the initiative to engage with our Employee Communities, take point on cross-team presentations, and generally ensures that everybody he interacts with feels heard, welcome and valued.”  

– Matt Davis, Senior DevOps Manager

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