Introducing Our New Volunteer Community

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new community space available to all of our amazing volunteers starting this month. The idea of community isn’t new to Crisis Text Line as we’ve been bringing together our volunteers since we launched our service in 2013. This next chapter of our community is built off of what we’ve learned along the way so we can create even more opportunities for all of us to learn, share best practices, and connect more authentically and intentionally together. 

“The community is one of my favorite parts of Crisis Text Line, connecting with such special people, with determination to help others. The community always reminds me that we are all in this together and have each other’s backs. Whenever I have a question or thought on the platform or anything else, the community is where I turn to.” — Izzy Weiz, Volunteer Crisis Counselor at Crisis Text Line 

Inspired by our values, our mission as a volunteer community is to foster a culture of continuous learning and growth, supporting one another with the tools, resources, and training we need to feel confident and competent in our ability to help texters in their moments of need. We are on a collective mission to build a world where no one feels alone, and we’re doing it together. 

Did you know that over the past decade, our volunteers have supported over 9 million text conversations in the U.S. and 12 million globally? Not only that, they have taken the skills  they’ve gained as a volunteer and have made a positive impact in the lives of their friends, family, and in their own local communities. Collectively, our volunteer community represents the very best parts of what it means to support others. Our volunteers sit at the center of our mission at Crisis Text Line, and we simply could not do this work without them.

“It’s my deepest honor and privilege to see our community in action every single day, not only in how we support and uplift one another, but in the work we do collectively in helping texters on our volunteer platform.” – Katelyn Gillum, Director of Community at Crisis Text Line

Thank you to all our volunteers for joining us in this exciting chapter. Our hope is that you’ll find our community to be a safe, helpful, and trusted space as you do the most important work of supporting our texters and others in your own communities. 

Interested in changing or saving someone’s life? Click here to join our amazing community of volunteers today!

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