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We value the diversity of our community and of the people we serve.


Diversity || Crisis Text Line

Creating a Culture of Inclusion

At Crisis Text Line, we value the unique qualities, characteristics, and perspectives that make each person who they are. We are bringing diverse people together to help staff and Crisis Counselors be the best version of themselves, so that they can support texters in doing the same.

Help us meet our goals:

  • Diversify our nationwide pool of Crisis Counselors.

  • Connect all texters with Crisis Counselors who are culturally competent - equipping our Crisis Counselors with more tools to serve our diverse texters.

  • Reach people in crisis, in as many communities and demographics as possible.

  • Support diverse people, especially those in low-income communities, and those who might not have access to adequate mental health services.

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Normalize the conversation. Stop the stigma. Strong listeners encouraged to apply!

If you are in crisis, text HOME to 741741 to be connected to a trained Crisis Counselor.