Teacher Tools for Student Mental Health

Welcome teachers! Here is an opportunity to help support your students’ mental health. We’ve created three unique toolkits to empower Elementary, Middle, and High School teachers like you to promote self-care practices for your students while destigmatizing and fostering a safe environment for open dialogue about mental health.

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Prepare for Mental Health Awareness Month by adding these resources to your lesson plans. 

More About The Toolkits

Watch these videos to learn more about each toolkit and how you can support breaking the mental health stigma in your classroom.

Elementary School


Middle School

High School


Additional Resources for Teachers

School Posters

Hang our mental health posters in your school to bolster your students’ emotional well-being and empower your students to seek help when they need it.

Talk With Your Students About Mental Health

Keep these valuable tips handy to help you engage in  important conversations with your students about their mental health. Download


Check out our items and proudly showcase your mental health merch to help raise awareness and spread the word.


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