United In Empathy 

There’s an empathy emergency across the country. And, our volunteers are bringing more empathy into the world thousands of times a day.

This Mental Health Awareness month, we’re igniting our community for the #UnitedInEmpathy Challenge—a four week push to move the needle to build a more empathetic world.

Participate in weekly challenges for the next four weeks to reach more texters in crisis, grow our community, and expand our impact. Together, we’ll build a more empathetic world.

WEEK 4: Refer a friend to grow our community

For the final week of the #UnitedInEmpathy Challenge, we’re recruiting more people to become part of our volunteer community.

Send this text/whatsapp to 5 people you think would make a great vCC:

Hey! It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and at Crisis Text Line, we’re on the frontlines of the growing mental health crisis. We’re looking for more people to join us as volunteer Crisis Counselors and I think you would be great. Our staff trains you on everything you need to know and you’re supported by mental health professionals every step of the way. I’m happy to chat if you want to learn more. And, you can sign up to volunteer here: www.crisistextline.org/volunteer

Recommended Social Captions


It’s #mentalhealthawarenessmonth and I joined @crisistextline for the #UnitedInEmpathy challenge. This month, our community spread empathy by inviting 1,070 new volunteers into our community, and supporting >60,000 people in crisis. The mental health crisis doesn’t begin and end in May. There’s more work to do. Join me to be part of the solution. Today—and every day—we are united in empathy.


Mayo es el mes de la #SaludMental y me he unido a @crisistextline en su reto #UnidosEnEmpatia. Este mes, nuestra comunidad siembra y esparce empatía al invitar a 1070 personas a convertirse en voluntarios. La crisis de salud mental no se limita solamente a mayo: hay mucho trabajo por hacer. Únetenos y seamos parte de la solución. Hoy y cada día, nos une la empatía.



WEEK 3: Volunteer to support people in crisis

This week’s challenge is all about spreading empathy as a volunteer Crisis Counselor. We can’t do this important work without empathetic people everywhere volunteering their time to help a stranger.  

In the words of one volunteer: “It feels special, being part of such an empathetic, caring and dedicated team.”

Ready to apply?  SIGN UP HERE

Already a volunteer?  TAKE A SHIFT

Recommended Social Captions


It’s #mentalhealthawarenessmonth and I’m joining @crisistextline for the #UnitedInEmpathy challenge. Volunteer with me to support the thousands of people who reach out every day looking for a little empathy. Sign up at www.crisistextline.org/volunteer


Mayo es el mes de la #saludmental y me he unido a @crisistextline para el reto de #UnidosEnEmpatia para apoyar a miles de personas que nos contactan a diario buscando un poco de #empatia. ¡Inscríbete en www.crisistextline.org/volunteer !



WEEK 2: Donate to Support our Service

A gift of $23 supports one texter and a gift of any size will help train more empathetic volunteer Crisis Counselors to be there for people in their moments of need.

This week, consider making a gift to support our work. And, let your community know they can help build a more empathetic world by donating in honor of mental health awareness month.



It’s #mentalhealthawarenessmonth and I’m joining @crisistextline for the #UnitedInEmpathy challenge. They’re a non-profit supporting on average 3,500 people a day experiencing mental health crises. Join me in making a donation to keep this vital service free for everyone who needs support.


Donar $23 proporciona apoyo a un Texter, y una donación de cualquier monto siempre ayudará a entrenar más Consejeros de Crisis voluntarios para ayudar a quienes lo necesitan en sus momentos más difíciles.

Esta segunda semana piensa en hacer una donación que apoye nuestra labor. También déjale saber a tu comunidad que pueden ayudar a crear un mundo de mayor empatía al donar en honor al Mes de la Concientización de la Salud Mental.

¡Regala empatía!

Recommended social captions


There’s a mental health crisis in America and you’re not alone. I’m joining @crisistextline for the #UnitedInEmpathy challenge because they have volunteers ready to support you 24/7. Share this resource for #mentalhealthawarenessmonth to make sure everyone can access the support they need. Tag a friend so they have a resource whenever they need someone to lean on.


Hay una crisis de salud mental en Estados Unidos, pero no estás solo. Estoy participando en el reto #UnidosEnEmpatia de @crisistextline porque tienen voluntarios para ayudarte las 24 horas del día, 7 días a la semana. Comparte este recurso digital para el #mentalhealthawarenessmonth para asegurarte de que todos puedan tener acceso al apoyo que necesitan. Etiqueta a tus amistades para que puedan tener en quien confiar durante momentos difíciles.




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