In this modern world, we’ve all become accustomed to planning our time around the newest binge-worthy Netflix series drop. As the ever-popular “13 Reasons Why” releases its newest season, we want to make sure you know we’ve got your back. Read on for thirteen reasons why we’re here for you!

Reason 1: Reaching out for help should be easy and accessible. We’re the first national crisis support center available via text message. No need for awkward phone calls—we support you at your fingertips.

Reason 2:  There are so many things that could cause someone to feel in crisis. That’s why we define a crisis as anything that’s a crisis to YOU. The top five issues people text us about are depression, relationships, anxiety, school, and suicide.

Reason 3: Our future is in good hands. The vast majority of our texters are 25 and under.  They’re opening up about some of the hardest things in their lives and squashing stigma along the way. We’re their biggest cheerleaders.

Reason 4: When you need help, you need it NOW. That’s why we aim to respond to everyone who texts us in under five minutes.

Reason 5: We’re not *just* suicide prevention. We’re here to help with anything. And, ICYMI, we have a pretty good track record of saving the day.

Reason 6: Everyone should be able to save lives. Our Crisis Counselors are everybody: your friend, your co-worker, the barista who makes your coffee every morning, even your grandma. No joke—our oldest Crisis Counselor is 84-years-old and ready to help you process all of the hard stuff.

Reason 7: We’re only six years old and we’ve already processed 100 million messages from texters. Up next? 100 million more and taking the world by storm. We’re already in the UK (85258) and Canada (686868).

Reason 8: We go where you need us. 20% of our volume comes from areas with the lowest per capita income in the country—some of the areas historically underserved with mental health support.

Reason 9: Everyone should have someone to listen. 65 percent of texters tell our Crisis Counselors something that they’ve never told anyone else before. Need to share? #741741

Reason 10: We <3 tech and empathic humans. When you text us, you’ll get a response from real, live Crisis Counselors who will message you until you’re in a cool calm.

Reason 11: Safety is our top priority. 99% of the time our Crisis Counselors help texters come up with a plan to stay safe.

Reason 12: We get it—school can be really hard. Even if you don’t go to Liberty High. We see a spike in texters reaching out for support during back to school season. From test anxiety to navigating your social life, 741741 has you covered.

Reason 13: Everyone deserves a friend and nobody should have to deal with the hard stuff alone. We’re all in this big life together. And, we’re here to help. Text WHY to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor.

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