Notes On Coronavirus: How is America Feeling? Part 7

1. People are still anxious/stressed out, but starting to feel more depressed/isolated.
The data is based on the PHQ scale, a standard clinical measure of anxiety and depression: “For each of the following, how have concerns around coronavirus affected how you feel, compared to how you normally feel?”

Week of 4/6

Week of 4/13

Week of 4/20

Feeling isolated from others




Feeling left out




Feeling depressed or hopeless




Little interest in doing things




Can’t stop worrying




Feeling nervous or anxious




2. The top 10 trending words are about their situation (home/finances) more than the virus itself.
    • Quarantine

    • COVID

    • Lockdown

    • Pandemic

    • Essential

    • Social distancing

    • Laid off

    • Home

    • Closed

    • Unemployed

3. Resilience is different by gender…
    • Women, Trans male, Agender, Trans female, and Genderqueer texters are spending more time:

      • Helping friends and family (36%)

      • Making plans for the future, such as booking vacations (29%)

    • Men are spending more time:

      • Feeling grateful (33%)

      • Being kind and patient with themselves (34%)

4. Different ages are feeling different things…
43% of texters under 13 mention fear or experience of harm (verbal, physical, or emotional) from people in their home.
– While not a huge percentage of our market, 65+ yo texters have increased 4x post-COVID. Some highlights from data below.
  • Almost two-thirds (64%) of texters 65+ have a fear of contracting the virus themselves, 25 points higher than the average (39%)

  • 14% of texters 65+ mention recent experiences of racism and/or discrimination, which is 2x higher than the average texter.

  • Almost 1 in 5 (18%) mention the recent loss of a loved one, double the average texter.

5. How are essential workers in the service industry (convenience stores, childcare, etc) feeling?
    • 89% are experiencing stress related to coronavirus, compared to 84% for all texters

    • 41% are distressed about potentially contracting COVID themselves; 67% are worried about their loved ones contracting COVID. Many mention fears of “bringing home” the virus.

    • 13% mention recent loss of a loved one, five points higher than the average texter (8%).

    • 75% mention feeling more depressed or hopeless during COVID, compared to 67% of all texters.

6. Inspiring? Medical/Healthcare remains the #1 occupation of people applying to be volunteer Crisis Counselors, making up 19% of applicants. Hooray for saving lives in your job AND your volunteer hustle. <3
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