Give the Gift of Time This Holiday Season!

The holiday season can trigger feelings of loneliness and stress. At Crisis Text Line, approximately 15% of the conversations we have with texters occurred during the winter holiday season between November 21st and December 31st. Our goal is simple: we want each and every texter who reaches out for support to receive the warmth and attention they deserve. 

We can only achieve this through the dedication of our English and Spanish bilingual volunteer Crisis Counselors across the country. Texters receive confidential support in their moments of need free, 24/7 in English and Spanish. This holiday season, join our community of amazing volunteers and bring support and empathy to people in crisis.  

Today – we need your help more than ever. The world is currently in a mental health crisis. Just a few months ago, CNN reported that 90% of US adults say mental health is a crisis in the United States, and more than half identified mental health issues among children and teenagers as a crisis. In 2021 alone, Crisis Text Line engaged in more than 1.3 million texting conversations, helping people with everything from coping with anxiety, to navigating abuse or de-escalating the complex circumstances of suicidal ideation. Volunteering at Crisis Text Line can make a real difference in the lives of our texters by supporting them wherever they are.  

Let’s hear firsthand from some of our amazing volunteers:

 What inspired you to become a volunteer Crisis Counselor?

“I’ve struggled with mental health for years, and after losing a couple of close people to suicide, I decided to dedicate myself to making sure others don’t feel the same way, and help however I can.” – Anonymous Crisis Text Line Volunteer

“From my experiences working in an emergency department, I have seen the impacts of isolation from daily activities and loved ones. I began a volunteer position at the Crisis Text Line to support as many texters as I could.”  –Anonymous Crisis Text Line Volunteer

“The opportunity to help people navigate difficult moments in their lives and shine a light on their strengths drew me straight to Crisis Text Line — my only regret is that I hadn’t joined sooner.”  –Anonymous Crisis Text Line Volunteer

In addition to volunteering at Crisis Text Line, there are so many other ways to support us!  

  • Make a Donation:  Donating to Crisis Text Line will help keep our service free for any texter in crisis.
  • Check out our Merch Store: You can purchase a special gift from our Merch Store as all proceeds benefit Crisis Text Line. 
  • Save 741741 as a Contact: Help us prioritize mental health support by saving 741741 in your family and friend’s cell phones. 

Together, we can make a difference and create an empathetic world where nobody feels alone. Will you join us

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