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Relationships: What makes a healthy relationship, other fast facts




Relationships impact our well-being in different ways.

A healthy relationship can be a major source of support, while an unhealthy one can be a cause of stress in our lives.

What makes a relationship healthy?

Above all, communication. The lines of communication must be open in any relationship. This includes:

  • Being vocal about what’s on your mind: what’s bothering you, what’s working, and what isn’t.

  • Working through disagreements with compromise.

  • Providing each other with support.

  • Setting boundaries, like taking time for yourself

When is a relationship unhealthy?

An unhealthy relationship is one not based in honesty in respect. In an unhealthy relationship, you may experience one of the following:

  • Your needs aren’t respected.

  • You’re made to feel powerless.

  • You’re abused by verbal or physical acts of aggression.

  • You’re made to feel guilty for spending time alone or with other loved one.

When to leave a relationship

Leaving a relationship is a personal and complicated choice. Often, the idea of being alone can seem scarier than the reality of an unhealthy relationship. Remember that you deserve to be respected and safe. It’s always possible to find a safe situation where you’ll be respected, whether that’s being single or a new relationship someday.

Getting Support

If you’re in an unhealthy or abusive relationship, text HELLO to 741741 for free and confidential support. For your own privacy, you may consider deleting the texts from your phone after the conversation.

From Our Data:

Nearly 40% of the conversations we have with texters are focused on relationships in some way. Here’s what we found in our data from these conversations:

Words Most-Used By Texters About their Relationships

  1. Abusive

  2. Distance

  3. Ended

  4. Healthy

  5. Ruin

Words Most-Used By Texters About Dating

  1. Ex

  2. Breaking

  3. Cheated

  4. Sex

  5. current

Words Most-Used By Texters About their Friends

  1. Best

  2. Close

  3. Hang (out)

  4. Met

  5. Losing

Words Most-Used by Texters About Love

  1. Heart

  2. Fell

  3. Unloved

  4. Baby

  5. Truly

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