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Open Data Collaborations

Crisis Trends empowers anyone interested in data to understand the crises their communities face. Beyond Crisis Trends, we offer access to data through our Research Fellows program.


Open Data Collaborations

Crisis Text Line empowers journalists, researchers, school administrators, parents, and anyone interested in data to understand the crises their communities face so we can work together to prevent future crises.

You may access our data in two ways: (1) browse aggregate trends in crisis around the U.S. at Crisis Trends, which updates daily. Or (2) apply to our Research Fellows program.

the Research Fellows Program

Crisis Text Line has the largest crisis data corpus in the U.S. To date, we’ve exchanged more than 100 million text messages between people in crisis and volunteer Crisis Counselors. Fellows are granted access to a scrubbed and anonymized version of this dataset.

To get a sense of the range of projects possible, see a list of published research papers below.

To be a Fellow, you must meet the following key requirements:

  • Be affiliated with an academic or research institution. This includes obtaining the approval of an IRB, having a Principal Investigator that’s a full-time employee of the institution, and the written approval of your institution’s Office of Research or equivalent office.

  • Work from our NYC offices. Currently, we cannot offer VPN access or share data. We provide our Fellows (one researcher per team) with stipends to cover room, board, and travel to NYC.

  • Expect to spend 3-6 months working on their project. Expect to spend half or more of that time on-site in NYC. Time spent on-site does not need to be continuous, but it will be frequent!

  • Have the technical expertise to work with massive data sets. There will be a test :)

  • Be a U.S. or Canadian citizen. We need this for background checks.

See the full list of requirements. If you meet all requirements, Apply here.

Note: spots are limited. We take 1-2 Fellows at a time. Apply today to reserve your spot in the program. Applications are reviewed quarterly.

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