Simply, Thank you

Thanksgiving coming up has us thinking all about gratitude. In 87% of our convos texters said they were “thankful” or “grateful” or gave “thanks” or “gratitude.”

The number one thing texters express gratitude for is our Crisis Counselor and the service that Crisis Text Line provides. And, that’s not all they were thankful for. Because, the truth is, gratitude can show up in so many ways. The other top mentions were:

  • Support systems like family, friends and/or pets
  • Access to mental health resources like therapy
  • Stability. Their jobs, homes, or livelihood
  • Personal growth. Some texters are grateful for their strength and resiliency to make it through tough times and come out on the other side.
  • Life. Texters who are self-harm or suicide survivors mention being grateful to be alive. That’s powerful.

We’ve learned over the years that gratitude seldom show up alone. Often, texters who mentioned they were grateful also mentioned that they were still hurting. This is an important nuance. It’s why telling someone who is in pain “but you have so much to be thankful for” or “look on the bright side” is NOT helpful. It’s an invalidation that can make people feel guilty, shame, or just plain worse! Instead, ask questions that empower them to recognize their strength, celebrate their kindness, or note how strong they are for feeling gratitude despite their pain.

A common coping skill that texters mention is practicing gratitude or writing in a journal what they’re thankful for. It can be an effective form of self-care.

When we think about what we’re grateful for, we’re thankful for night owls (the Crisis Counselors who log on in the late hours of the night to help texters), Crisis Counselors who have reached 200 hours and keep coming back for more, Crisis Counselors who help others Crisis Counselors in global chat, and our Crisis Counselors who bravely take their first shift. We are grateful for our partners who help get 741741 to their communities. Finally, we’re especially grateful for our testers who so bravely reach out in their moments of crisis. Simply, we’re grateful for ALL OF YOU.

Crisis Text Line would not happen without you. Thank you.

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