This #GivingTuesday is All About #GivingTime

No matter how you experience the holidays, there’s one universal thread that unites us all: the holiday season is a time of giving.

At Crisis Text Line we know that the world could use some empathy year-round. That’s why we provide free confidential support via text, 24/7. The secret sauce? Our Crisis Counselors. Our Crisis Counselors are all-star trained volunteers who lead with empathy and kindness. In the last six years, over 25,000 caring individuals have completed our 30-hour training coaching them on how to help move a texter from a hot moment to cool and calm. Even better, they can help a texter anytime and anywhere they have an internet connection. Because, helping someone in crisis should be as easy swiping right, ordering takeout, or calling a car.

Crisis Counselors who power our platform help texters who are self-harming find healthy alternatives. They also help texters who are seriously in pain over a relationship remember that they deserve kindness. Sometimes even help people live authentically by offering a brave space for people to share the things they’ve never shared before. They do it all with kindness and empathy from the comfort of their own home and on their own time.

The world will ask a lot of you this holiday season. You’ll be pulled between work, family, and friendship commitments. This Giving Tuesday, we’re not asking you for money. Instead, this #GivingTuesday is all about #GivingTime.

Starting on Giving Tuesday (12/3) through the end of the year, we’re rallying 2,020 people to apply to become a Crisis Counselor and (as our CEO, Nancy Lublin, puts it) join our giant love machine.

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