Final Exams Pump Up #LyricsToLiveBy

The end of the year can pull you in so many different directions–you’re rushing to spend time with your friends and family for the holidays and setting priorities for the next year. And, we know that it’s not just the holidays that are stressing our texters out. For weeks, our texters have been reaching out with the impending worry of finals crunch time.

Of course, we’re always here for you in a crisis. We’re also here to cheer you on in the times that are mega stressful (like crushing your next exam!). The pros have found that listening to and playing music can have game-changing mental health benefits including helping ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. Plus, our texters have spoken: listening to their favorite tunes is one of their most popular coping mechanisms.

So, press pause on the low-fi study beats. We’re bringing you all of the pump-up jams to ease your stress and anxiety and to motivate you to crush your next big exam.

Here are some of our favorites that made the cut.

  1. “My Shot,” Hamilton. There’s nothing like Alexander Hamilton reminding you to make the most of every opportunity. Exams can be intimidating, but they’re your shot to show your teacher what you know. We know you know it. Don’t throw away your shot.
  2. “Rocketman,” Elton John. Here’s your reminder from Sir Elton John that you can—and you will—soar. You’ve totally got this.
  3. “Give A Little,” Maggie Rogers. You get out what you put in. You put in the work to study. Now, it’s time for you to reap the rewards. Because, if you give a little, you get a little.
  4. “9 to 5,” Dolly Parton. No doubt about it, studying during exam season is a hustle. You’re working nine to five (tbh, probably more!) to cram in every last piece of information and keep up with your self-care. You hustled your hardest. Now, go shine.
  5. “Look At Her Now,” Selena Gomez. This one goes out to everyone who struggled through a class this semester. It’s time for you to crush that exam so you can say to yourself, “Heck yes. Look at me now.”
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