Notes on Coronavirus: How is America Feeling? Part 3

How is America Feeling during the Coronavirus Pandemic? Part 3

During this global pandemic, we’re regularly sharing how America is feeling. Read on for the third installment of notes from our CEO on the mental health data during the pandemic. 

1. Age: The kids continue to be alright. It’s the 18-34-year-olds who are having a hard time adulting…and the 44-55-year-olds are increasing in pain.
Texter breakdown by age. 18 - 34 year olds make up a larger proportion of our texters now than they did before COVID.
2. Single people are experiencing quarantines differently from non-single people.
12% of our texters report living alone in quarantine. They report slightly higher rates of anxiety. And their self-care routines are slightly different.
  • Top self-care routines, single people vs non-single people… it’s not necessarily what you’d expect:
    • Sleep: 79% vs 63%
    • TV: 54% vs 60% (Top 5 shows: The Office, Tiger King, Miscellaneous cooking shows, Parks and Rec, Grey’s Anatomy)
    • Junk Food: 39% vs 25%
    • Eat healthy food 27% vs 19%
    • Play video games: 22% vs. 35%
    • Assemble a puzzle: 10% vs. 23%
  • Top Exercise:
    • Single people: Yoga
    • Non-single people: Walks (no word on if they are walking with other people or escaping for a walk alone)
  • Top healthy food:
    • Single people: Fruits and vegetables
    • Non-single people: home-cooking

3. America is cleaning.

Conversations mentioning “cleaning” have doubled in March over February.
    • Top 5 associated words

      • Scrubbed (hands)

      • House

      • Room

      • Laundry

      • Shower

    • Per capita, “cleaning” is trending in states impacted by COVID

4. America is eating our feelings.
Top foods texters report turning to:
  • Ice cream 60%
  • Chips 54%
  • Cookies 27%
  • Chocolate 24%
  • Pizza 10%
  • Ramen 8%


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