EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Daniel Goldstein–Crisis Text Line Volunteer


Q: How did you first hear about Crisis Text Line?

A: I started college in January 2021 right in the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic. All of my classes were online and I was feeling isolated and anxious about my adjustment to school. In a moment of strength, I decided that I wanted to find a volunteer opportunity that would help others cope with their pandemic experiences. After a quick Google search, I found Crisis Text Line and it checked all my boxes. It was remote, which kept me safe during the pandemic, it was flexible, and most importantly, it allowed me to help others develop coping skills. I started in March 2021 and I’ve been an active volunteer ever since!

Q: Did you ever utilize our service in the past before becoming a volunteer?

A: I didn’t utilize the platform before becoming a volunteer, but it became a valuable resource for me during my time as a Crisis Counselor. My college experience was stressful at times, especially starting online and then transitioning to being on campus. While I was trained on coping skills, texting in and speaking to other Crisis Counselors was truly helpful.

Q: Please describe your experience as a Crisis Text Line volunteer?

A: Volunteering for Crisis Text Line has shown me what a positive and supportive work environment looks like. Every time another volunteer provides support in the chat, a supervisor guides you through a difficult conversation, or a coach provides important feedback, it’s done with sensitivity and warmth. This warmth makes me feel like a valued member of an important team and provides a strong sense of unity and purpose. Additionally, the opportunities that Crisis Text Line provides is expansive. I have the opportunity to participate in peer/donor support, and I am Campus Advocate, which makes me feel like I’m not just a person behind a computer, but a representative for mental health support.

Q: How has volunteering impacted your life?

A: My experience as a Crisis Counselor has been an extremely gratifying experience. First and foremost, the opportunity to support hundreds of texters has heightened my sensitivity and awareness of each and every person. This has been especially valuable in my various other mentorship roles. Additionally, I’ve learned how to be an effective and empathetic communicator and I’ve witnessed the positive impact that has on my own relationships.

Q: Do you have any advice for people seeking a volunteer opportunity and why should they choose to become a volunteer at Crisis Text Line?

A: Joining Crisis Text Line is a no-brainer! You’re able to provide real care to people in crisis; it helps to develop your communication and empathy skills; it’s an extremely warm environment; the hours are flexible, and it’s remote (including the comprehensive training!). There really are countless reasons to become a Crisis Counselor and I hope that anyone reading this who is on the fence goes ahead and takes the leap. This is truly a unique and special opportunity!

Want to hear more from Daniel? Check out his video here as he discusses some issues that he is currently struggling with in college and how he is coping.

Looking for a unique volunteer opportunity? Crisis Text Line is your answer.  

We know there are many volunteer opportunities out there but what we offer is a unique skill set. Crisis Text Line volunteers not only provide crucial support to texters during their moments of need but also acquire valuable skills from their training. These skills not only enable volunteers to support their family and friends compassionately but also empower them to navigate their own mental health journeys with greater understanding and resilience.

Why is volunteering for a mental health nonprofit so important?

First, it provides essential support and resources to individuals grappling with mental health challenges, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Through volunteering, you can actively contribute to destigmatizing mental illness, promoting acceptance, understanding, and empathy. Additionally, volunteering can be personally fulfilling, offering opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and a sense of purpose by making a tangible difference in the lives of others. If you are interested in saving and changing lives, join our volunteer community today

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