Centering Equity at Crisis Text Line

We aspire to adjust imbalance and advance intersectional equity in the field of mental health.

Centuries of structural inequities in the U.S. and worldwide have fundamentally shaped all institutions—including mental health organizations and Crisis Text Line. We aspire to adjust the imbalance and advance intersectional equity in the field of mental health. We commit to improving our service as a trusted resource for marginalized communities that are often overlooked and have limited access to mental health resources. This commitment is critical to our mission of promoting mental well-being for people where they are and when they need it most.

We have embarked upon an organizational transformation to accelerate intersectional racial, gender, economic, and social equity work. We identified three key areas to focus our transformation efforts: transforming our culture (Leadership, Talent, and Engagement), strengthening our service (Product, Service, and Data), and expanding our impact (Partnerships, Research and Advocacy). For each priority area, we have identified measures of progress and actions that guide Crisis Text Line to a more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive culture.

Our Aspirations

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