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While we use data to make our products and services better–ie, make us a better company–we also believe our data can make a better world.

There is almost no real-time open data on most mental health issues. And, very few data sets are as general (cutting across issues) or as large. Simply, Crisis Text Line has a unique and large set of data on teens and mental health that can (1) inform the public and media, (2) shape government and school policies, and (3) drive cutting edge academic research.

We offer two levels of open data collaborations.

1. Aggregate

Aggregate data is available to the public at


2. Enclave

We work with the top researchers in the world to reduce harm to those in crisis, with a special focus on preventing suicide.

Have a general question about Enclave Data? See our Frequently Asked Questions. For questions about how we use and protect data at Crisis Text Line in general, see our Privacy Policy.

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