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Here’s what the press is saying about us:

“CTL isn’t just helping it’s users save time or money. It’s helping them save their lives.”
-Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn
Texting out an S.O.S. Saving Lives With Smartphones and Big Data
“While all crisis lines are essential and save lives, Crisis Text Line stands out because it can also provide crucial information to help prevent these events from happening in the first place.”
-Lindsay Homes, Huffington Post
How 1 Text Message Created An Entire Mental Health Organization
“The top two barriers are the sense of shame and self reliance. I think the Crisis Text Line has cracked the code on both of them.”
-Anthony Pisani, NY Times
For Teens in Crisis, the Next Text Could Be a Lifesaver
“It’s designed to take the long-held telephone-hotline medium into a new era, reaching young people who may be more comfortable texting than talking on the phone”
-Ina Fried, re/code
Carriers Waive Charges for Crisis Text Line
“Today, more and more nonprofits have data that they can use to improve their services and advance knowledge in their field. And Crisis Text Line is a good example of how to go about using it.”
-Jessica Leber, Fast Coexist
How Data Science Shaped This Teen-Counseling-By-Text Service
“The text line is not meant to stand in for long-term therapy, but the success stories are real”
-Alex Morris, GLAMOUR
How Crisis Text Line Founder Nancy Lublin Is Saving Lives, Text by Text
“It’s called Crisis Text Line and the creators found a way to reach people in need where they are- on their phones”
-Jim Axelrod, CBS NEWS
Crisis Text Line helps reach teens in trouble
“The Beautiful thing about Crisis Text Line is that these are strangers counseling other strangers on the most intimate issues”
-Nancy Lubin
TedWomen 2015
“With CTL, Lublin has built a real-time map of crisis in America, and as the program grows, her data offers insight into mental health trends”
-Jessi Hempel, WIRED Magazine
Texts From Teens Build Real-Time Maps of Crisis in America
“If you’re hiding from an abusive relative or you just don’t want your classmates to know how overwhelmed you feel about applying to college, a text message, even one sent in public, is safer than a phone call.”
-Alice Gregory, THE NEW YORKER
R U There?
“I’m really excited about the power of data to help that kid go to school, to help that girl stop cutting in the bathroom, and absolutely to help that girls who’s father won’t stap raping her”
-Nancy Lubin