One Thing You Can Do for World Mental Health Day from Anywhere on the Globe

Today is World Mental Health Day. One way to do your part is to learn more about the problem. We can help: we have some of the richest statistics about anxiety and depression, anecdotes about self-harm, and brave stories from people who have been touched by suicide.

But understanding the problem can feel overwhelming. There are too many stats to remember and too few signs of hope. 

We recommend a different approach. Learn how to be a part of the solution: train to become a Crisis Counselor.

It’s not easy, but it’s learning that leads to change.

As a Crisis Counselor, you help real people in their darkest moments.  It’s flexible; you can do it anytime, anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you’re ready to change lives.  We even have a small, but mighty cohort of globe-trotting Crisis Counselors—American ex-pats taking conversations with US-based texters from wherever their lives take them. 

Today, we are celebrating the 100+ global Empathy MVPs living and volunteering in 29 countries outside of the United States by sharing a few of their stories, in their words:

Yehudis Illions, Kiryat Yearim, Israel  

For me, it is like plugging into a live wire. It’s like a sea of human emotions. Some people are drowning while others are on stormy waters and just need a rope to hold on to until they get their bearings. There’s no better feeling than having helped a stranger just because we are all human. 

Mariel Adams, Germany

I have always wanted to work for a hotline, but dislike talking on the phone. Texting seemed perfect, and the timezone works well for me in Germany. Crisis Text Line has such a great group of volunteers, and they’re all so supportive when you’re struggling with a texter. The fact that we make a difference in people’s lives also keeps me motivated.

Holly Adams, Broadford, Australia 

Taking shifts while in Australia is quite different from in the US. I really enjoy how busy the late-night shifts are. I like the flexibility Crisis Text Line has allowed me to have as I can work any shift I like, take time off, or pick up a shift whenever I’d like.

Liz Forgash, London, UK 

I am encouraged by the group of friends I have recruited to join me – we do our shifts together at one of our houses whenever possible. I also recognize the need is so great, the platform is always busy, and I like being part of the solution. 

Qixiu Fu, Chengdu, China 

When I go back home to China, I like to take shifts at noon, which is like midnight in US. I enjoy helping others and getting to know more about mental health issues.

Do you know anyone living abroad who would make a great Crisis Counselor? Encourage them to apply here. Or, join us yourself!

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